Facebook and Instagram will no longer be able to use free of cost


  • Facebook and Instagram will have to pay monthly price to use
  • Apple updated iOS 14.5 to iPhone
  • What does Facebook and Instagram do to your data?
Facebook and Instagram

Do you use Facebook and Instagram ? If yes, then you have to pay the cost to use Instagram and Facebook. Facebook and Instagram are two large social media platforms. With the help of which you take advantage of chat, videos, advertisement and other entertaining facts on social media. Till now both these platforms were free of cost. But in the coming time, you will have to pay the cost to use both these platforms. Till now both social media platforms had to pay for advertisement only.

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Why do you have to pay to use Facebook and Instagram?

APPLE which is a very famous American multinational technology company. Which makes APPLE iPhone, APPLE Smart TV, APPLE Smart Watch etc. and APPLE Company works very strictly with respect to your privacy and data while providing you the best services. APPLE has updated iOS 14.5 in iPhone keeping in mind your privacy. In this update, the application that tracks your data, that is, your data is tracked or stored by any application, then with the help of this update that application can be detected.

As soon as the iOS 14.5 update, a pop-up has started coming up in Instagram and Facebook, in which this pop-up is coming by writing “Help keep free for charge“. This means that you have to give permission that Instagram and Facebook can track you, that is, you can use or share your data. If you do not do this, then you will have to pay the cost to use Instagram & Facebook. However, it has not been decided yet what cost will have to be paid to use Instagram and Facebook.

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What does Facebook and Instagram do to your data?

Both social media platforms sell your data to advertising companies and private companies. For this reason, Facebook was also fined many times.

Do Android users also have to pay the cost to use Instagram and Facebook?

No, this update is only for iPhone users, but in Android, this update may be seen in the future.

If you all had to pay for using Facebook and Instagram, would you use both these social media platforms. What do you think about this. You must share your opinion with us.

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